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Shenzhen TianCheng QianHai Tech Development Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture in development, production, sales of PTC heating element and application products. Our company was founded in 1993 ,and the import and export trading company was established in 1997 ,specialized foreign sales. We have a professional technical team and rich production experience. Our company passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2000, Many of the products have UL, CSA, TUV, CQC safety certification. A number of products of our independent research and development obtained the national patent. The excellent product quality, stable performance, best-selling domestic and abroad. We pay special attention to customer service,To provide reasonable suggestions and professional instruction  for customers.

Our products:
1. All kinds of structure of PTC thermostat heating components.Such as: PTC ceramic heating tablets, insulation package type PTC heater, aluminum shell type PTC heater, ceramic shell mold PTC heater, blow dry type air heater, air convection air heater, etc.For straight hair, hair curler, heater, air conditioning, heating dryer, mosquito killer, flavoring, car cold start preheating, the electric car air conditioning system, diesel preheating, battery, battery power, electric humidifier, electric control cabinet moistureproof heating, electric heating plate (plate), massager, thermal therapy instrument, sol gun, hot coffee, hot milk, food fermentation, foot bath, water heaters, hot water tap, KaiShuiHu, etc.
2. Ceramic heating plate, used for straightening, gluing machine, etc.
3. The electrical heater, mica heating element, intelligent toilet seat heating, drying heater, light wave stove halogen tube, carbon fiber heating tube heater, PVC wire and wire combination
4. Have independent check the patent for utility model of hair products (free welding touch-sensitive keys) is widely used in all kinds of control circuit board
5. Application of the development of PTC products such as: the body warm massage therapy, warm belt, hand warmers, leg warmers, mosquito killer, etc.
6. The dehumidifier fever
7. Aluminum foil fever
8. The convection heating
9. The heating coil
10. Heater
11.Humidifier hair heat pipe
12. Heater heating
13. Mica heating
14.The intelligent toilet seat fever wire, feverPTC capacitance discharge load Free Sample

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