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Nose foam is a respirator face mask accessory, which help can be made of many different polymer materials. Nose foam is made very soft, this makes the wearer feel comfortable when the mask touch our skin, especially, at the position of nose, the shape of mask need to be adjust to best fit our nose. At the same time, it also helps to protect the glasses not be blurred by the warm exhale air from our mouth
Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVA foam consists of very tiny close cell foam, this structure makes the foam has smooth surface and good strength, at the same time, it is very soft touch.

Why HeDai EVA Nose Foam?
鉃?Quick deliver time, 15-20 days for a 40' container order.
鉃?Very smooth surface, strong glue. Fit for automatic production line
鉃?Qualified 2 ISO 9001 certificated factories, supply product with good quality.

Product Characters:
1. Use high quality EVA raw material, provide very good soft touch feeling.
2. Strong glue on the foam back, easy attaching to the face mask.
3. Meet GMP hygiene requirement, no abnormal odor.

EVA Nose Foam 鈥?For respirator face mask
EVA Nose FoamNose Foam Property
Material TypeEVA
Dimension (LxWxH) mm90x10x4.0, or customized size
Cell TypeOpen Cell, or Close Cell
ColorBack, Grey, White or Customized color
Package:Roll format, or cut to piece Polybag inside , carton pack outside
Weight pcsAround 15,000 pcs

鈼?nbsp;Respirator face mask nose clip, especially folded face mask and cup shape face mask.
鈼?Fit for automatic respirator face mask production line.

1. I want to customize the nose foam color, it that OK ?
Yes, we can customize the color on your requirement. MOQ is required with the color other than black, grey and white.
2. Can you make sure the nose foam stick to face mask tightly?
Yes, we are experienced in face mask nose foam production, we choose special customized glue which can stick to nonwovens strong. At the same time, the glue is eco-friendly.
3.  Can I order nose foam together with other face mask accessories?
Yes, we understand clients may not able to order full container nose foam, we also provide many good choice for nose clip, valves and ear band as well. See detail product introduction or contact us. .

Value-added SERVICES
鉃?We provide laboratory test result for each roll products for quality tracking.
鉃?We offer other accessories needed for respirators production
鉃?Test equipment for Meltblown filters
鉃?Technical solutions for filter production
鉃?We can customize filter media specification to reduce the material loss
鉃?We can arrange to ship the goods by various means of transportation, via air, sea, truck, rail or combinedRespirator Nose Foam manufacturers
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