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Product description:

Red yeast rice is used to promote blood circulation, soothe upset stomach, and invigorate the function of the spleen, a body organ that destroys old blood cells and filters foreign substances. In 1977, Professor Endo in Japan discovered a natural cholesterol-lowering substance that is produced by a strain of Monascus yeast from red yeast rice. This substance inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that is important for the production of cholesterol in the body. Professor Endo named this substance moncacolin K. Since then, scientists have discovered a total of eight monacolin-like substances that have cholesterol-lowering properties.
Product specification:
Monacolin K: 0.4% (min)
Appearance: Red powder or Granule (to the order)
Source: Monacus purpureus fermented on Non-CMO rice
Granularity: Customized
Moisture: ≤10 %
Heavy Metal(Pb) : ≤1 ppm
As: ≤1 ppm
Aflatoxin B1: ≤5.0 ppb
Citrinin : ≤50ppb
Yeast: ≤100 cfu/g
Mold: ≤100cfu/g
Total Plate: ≤10000 cfu/g
E.coli: ≤3 MPN/g
Pathogenic Bacteria: Absence
Shelf life:24 months

Product features:

●  100% natural fermented from Monascus purpureus
●  Own Non-GMO rice production base
●  Citrinin content is strictly controlled during production by professional QC team.
●  PH value widely applied with stable performance
Functions of red yeast rice:
●  Achieve healthy blood lipids. Lower LDL cholesterol ("bad" form) including triglycerides levels. Help promote HDL cholesterol ("good" form).
●  Support healthy blood pressure levels. Our product has significant potential to reduce hypertension risk in individuals.
●  This product is also useful for improving blood circulation and for alleviating diarrhea and indigestion
Application fields:
●  Health food
●  Pharmaceutical ingredient
●  Dietary supplement
●  Traditional Chinese Medicine
Why choose us:
●  Drafter of national standard of red yeast rice products in China.
●  Customized service both before and after sales to ensure trouble free co-operation.
●  Be concentrate, be professional. We only produce red yeast rice series products since founded.
●  We Have Non-Gmo Rice Production Base to ensure the uniformity & consistency of the raw material and the quality of our products..
●  ISO9001
Red Yeast Rice 0.4% in stock
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