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The heavy duty nitrile dipped gloves have water-proof nitrile coating on palms, fingers and back of the hand.protection against oil, grease, solvents and moisture.The heavy duty nitrile dipped gloves have skin-friendly cotton jersey liner for quick donning and taking off.

Product parameters:
Norm: EN420,EN388 Level3121
Nitrile coating, fully
Cotton jersey liner
TC knit wrist
Heavy duty, oil resistant, good grip, water-proof
Size: 9 鈥?11
4500 dozen / 20 ft container
1. Fully coated safety cuff with extra wrist protection;
2. Nylon shell absorbs sweat;
3. Has the best waterproof and oil proof performance.
1.Heavy duty work under oily, greasy, fatty and wet conditions.
2.Used in mineral oil industry, rough casting and fetting, metal pressing, construction industry, cable and coupling, ship building industry, recycling and refuse collection.
Trade area:China Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves manufacturers

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