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ROADWAY Single Side Road Crack Tape is specially processed with 70# heavy duty petroleum asphalt with high grade bitumen modifier and other special materials. Its elongated shape and sandwich structure include 3 layers are protective films on both side and sandwiched the special asphalt materials in the middle. The top layer is micro-sized protective film and will weathered after a while, no need tear off it after stick the tape on road surface. The middle layer is 2-4mm special asphalt materials, it will sealing into cracks and joints after construction. The ground layer is also micro-sized protective film different with top layer, it is quite thick and hard, Have to tear off it and stick to the crack surface.
It can be applied to the asphalt concrete surface where cracks or flaking are produced, which can reduce and block the thermal shrinkage stress acting on the pavement, providing an instant seal and preventing further deterioration of the road pavement, applied to the sub-base of the road. It is a new type of highway maintenance material which specially deals with the cracks of asphalt and cement concrete pavement.
Technical Parameters
          Item Unit Normal Type Cold Type Severe-cold Type Customized
Outside Temp.鈩?/p>-20-30-40Special Temp.
Widthcm3, 4, 6Customized
Thickness.mm2.5, 3, 4Customized
Softening Point鈩?/p>鈮?5
Rate of Curving%鈮?0
Thickness after Rollingmm鈮?.7
Bonding StrengthMpa鈮?.2
Flexibility at -10鈩?/p>mm桅30mm, Non Cracks
Stretch at -10鈩?/p>mm鈮?
Length of Single Rollm10
1.Convenient and fast construction, save energy and environmental protection. No tools required, twice the efficiency than crack sealing, no dust and no fuel consumption.

2.Special skirt hem, closed to the ground. Avoid adhesion during long time transportation and storage.

3.Soft and easy to bend along with cracks

4.Apply to kinds of asphalt and cement concrete pavement various shape cracks.

5.Factory produce, support customized on demand. Various specifications meet different cracks and joints.

6.Smooth and neat, durable and long working life.

How to Use?

Step 1: Clearing the Cracks                           Step 2: Stripping and Sticking

Step 3: Treading Down                                 Step 4: Open the TrafficRoad Repair Materials for sale

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