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Our History
We are located in Cixi City ZheJiang Province China, and far away from Ningbo Port only 80km.
Our Factory
We are manufacturers specializing in the production and sale of chemical fabric in ZheJiang Province. More than 20 years of experience in the field of chemical cilia.
Our Product
Plush, Fabric, Polyester fabric,Boa plush, pv plush,Coral velvet, short plush,Roller beam cashmere, Cashmere carding, Bleaching dyeing plush etc.
Product Application
Cloth, Toy, Shoes and hats, Bedding, Car, Carpet, Casement,  Home furnishing
Production Equipment
Knitting machine, SDG-C, Brushing machine, Embossing machine, Wool-clip machine, Setting machine, Batcher, Cut flowers, Bowl machine.
Our Service
Do our best service for all customers.China Rabbit Hair Matt Plush DIY
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