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Раскрыть скобки, употребить глаголы в соответствующем времени лице и числе: 1. Yesterday (to be) my day off. I usually (to wake up) early on my day off, but sometimes I (not to get up) at once. I (to get up) at eight o'clock yesterday. 2. When you (to have) breakfast yesterday? — I (to have) breakfast at nine in themorning. 3. We usually (to stay) in the country over the week-end, but the weather (to be) bad and we (not to go) to the country tomorrow. 4. When you last (to go) to the theatre? — Two weeks ago. 5. I usually go to bed at eleven o'clock. Yesterday my friends (to come) to see me, and I (to go) to bed at one in the morning. 6. She (not to be) at home now. She (to play) tennis. 7. When your son (to go) to college?

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1) was, woke up, didn't get up, got
2) did you have, was having
3) stay, is, won't go
4) did you last go
5) came, went
6) is not, is playing
7) is going to go|will go

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