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1)I’d like to talk to you for a minute, Bill. (friendly) … I talk to you for a minute, Bill? 2)I would like to use your phone. (more polite). … I use your phone? 3)I would like to stop work early today. (formal) … I stop work early today? 4)Take my bile if you want to. You … take mybike. 5)Are children allowed to go into pubs? … children go into pubs? 6)I don’t want you to come into my room. You … come into my room. 7)I would like to speak to Jane, if she is here. (polite) … I speak to Jane, if she is here? 8)I would like to have a beer. … have a beer? 9)Are students allowed to use this library? … students use this library? 10)I would like to pay you tomorrow? … I pay you tomorrow? везде или can, could, may.

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1) may
2) could
3) may
4) can
5) may
6) can't
7) could
8) can
9) may
10) can