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Помогите составить диалог про обсуждение любой картины ! срочно нужно уже сегодня !!!!!...

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Помогите составить диалог про обсуждение любой картины ! срочно нужно уже сегодня !!!!! На английском !

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A: Oh, look, what a wonderful landscape!
B: No wonder it attracted your attention. It's Shishkin's "Pine-trees in the sunlight". It is a real masterpiece.

A: Oh, Shishkin! I know about him. He was an outstanding Russian painter of the 19th century, wasn't he?

B: Yes, and he was a brilliant painter of landscape.

A: I have read about him and seen reproductions of some of his paintings, but it is the first time I see an original.

B: Shishkin was fond of Russian nature. This picture depicts the tranquility of Russian woods and the vast expanses of Russian nature.

A: The picture looks very realistic, doesn't it? You get an impression that you are in this wood yourself. Just look at the effect of the sunshine penetrating through the branches and illuminating the transparent shadows.

B: You are right, and I quite agree with you. this picture is famous for the simplicity and clarity of the artistic language.

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-Nick, what do you think about this wonderaul picture?

-I think it is very nice picture, but I don't khow anything about art.

-so, what do you like in this picture?

-the picture is very saturated, it seams to me it is the picture of very popular artist!

-No, you are mistaken. This is the picture of one dweller(inhabitant) of very little village. Not need to be a great man to make great things...

Желаю удачи!

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