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Эссе по английскому на тему 100 cлов.

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Carnival is an ancient fastival,probably pagan, that is celebrated in Europe in mid  winter,the coldest and darkest time of the year.It precedes the fasting period of lent which lasts until Holy week of Easter.The most famous carnivals are held in Venice,Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.In New Orleans it is called the Mardi Gras,which is French for Shrove Tuesday.The name comes from the Latin  word for flesh.So the fastival is literally a celebration of the flesh.

Carnival lasts for 4 days.The festival starts with the arival of the charactwer"carnival" who gives the people permision to indulge in a sorts of licentious behaviour.The important days are,Shrove Tuesday when the English eat pancakes and Ash Wednesday,when an effigy of the character Carnival is tried and burned for causing disorder and chaos.

Nowaday people celebrate going to fancy dress parties or dressing up and walking around the sity.The fancy dress usually includes a mask.Originally this was a form of disguise so that your family and closest friends would not recognise you.This meant that you could do things that were not normally permitted.

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